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Banner photo: The hinterland town of Bowraville was the place of first European settlement in the Nambucca Valley. 150 years later it houses around 1,200 of the Valley’s 20,000 citizens.  For the commemorations of the Centenary of Anzac, around 8,000 came from all over the shire to honour the sacrifices of Australia’s Defence Forces. Guardian News photograph.

We’re Here welcomes ex-servicepeople and their families to the Nambucca Valley and provides support to help find jobs, housing and other services as you settle back into civilian life.

Because we’ve shared the experience, we know that settling back into civilian life can be challenging for defence personnel and their families. We think it can be made easier in regional areas. On roads less travelled people are recognised as neighbours and as a group of veterans who are long-established in the Nambucca Valley, we believe we can shepherd the transition for those who choose to settle here after leaving the services.


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